Tor access point


How it works

When you set up a TOR-accesspoint, laptops, PDA's etc, connect to the accesspoint, which seen from the clients work like any other accesspoint. When a client make a TCP-connection through the AP, iptables rules redirect all packets to port 1211 where the transocks program intercepts them and forward them to the TOR-program using the SOCKS4A interface. TOR then routes the packets through the onion network to provide anonymity


You need.
  1. An accesspoint that runs Linux. See OpenWrt Hardware. I used a Linksys WRT54GS. WRT54GS has 8MByte flash, double that of the WRT54G.
  2. The OpenWrt firmwar. Download and install from OpenWrt. Use the "Boot-wait" option, to make sure you can recover if the firmware-upgrade goes wrong.
  3. Telnet to the AP and add these sources to /etc/ipkg.conf. E.g.
    src openwrt
    src nico
    src eviljazz
    src linuxops
    src agol
  4. Install "tor" and "transocks": ipkg install tor transocks ntpclient. You probably also want to install dropbear (provides ssh) and then remove "telnetd".
  5. Make an executable script: /etc/init.d/S55tor, that will start TOR on boot:
  6. Tor requires an accurate clock, so install openntpd.
Niels Elgaard Larsen

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